The Thunder store is up and ready for orders. There are many new items that are available, so even if you ordered before, you might still check out the store to see if there’s anything new that might catch your eye.

Here are the important pieces of information to answer any FAQs:

- Orders can be placed at This store is created specifically for Thunder, and a change from the previous order, where you went to and searched for ThunderFP. If you go to the Vicker's website instead of directly to the Thunder store, you can navigate to the store by using the “Stores” tab in the menu bar.
- The products shown on the home page are “Featured Products”. There are far more items available than those. To view all products available for purchase, please use the “Products” dropdown menu. you’ll be able to find what you are looking for through the categories.
- New orders are being taken through Friday November 29th. Orders will then be processed and decorated for deliver the week before Christmas.