Greetings Bears family and friends Game 4 is set for an Away Game @
Littlerock High School
10833 E Avenue R, Littlerock, CA 93543
Let's get ready for the next matchup. Game schedule is as follows:
(Please make time for travel)
Flag Football: Gametime 9am: Check-in 8:30am
7U: Gametime 10am: Ck In 9:30am
9U: Gametime 12pm: Ck In 11:30am
11U: Gametime 2pm: Ck In 1:30pm
13U: Gametime 4pm: Ck In 3:30pm
(Cheer Schedule set by Koko Cheer COORDINATOR)
‚óŹGame day check items:
Helmet (Tighten helmet screws this week)
Shoulder Pads
Cup Protection
Uniforms (Determined by Head Coach)
Let's play hard and continue our great success.... GOBEARS!!!