Greetings Bears family and friends game 5 is set for a Home Game @ Valleyview High School. Let's get ready for this East vs East match up. Game schedule is as follows:
(Flag & 9U team photo )
Flag Football: Gametime 9am: Team Photo 8:20am Check-in 8:30am
7U: Gametime 10am: Check In 9:30am
9U: Gametime 12pm: Team Photo 11:15am Check In 11:30am
11U: Gametime 2pm: Check In 1:30pm
13U: Gametime 4pm: Check In 3:30pm
(Individual make up photos will be available this Saturday on game day. This is the last day for Individual photos. Arrive early as game check in will not be delayed)
ā—¸Anyone who is late for Team Photo will NOT be in the team photo. There will not be a makeup photo for team photo............
Game day check items:
Helmet (Tighten helmet screws this week)
Shoulder Pads
Cup Protection
Let's play hard and continue our great success.... GOBEARS!!!