Week 5 Game Scores:
Flag Bears 34 Outlaw 🍩
7U Bears 55 Outlaw 6
9U Bears 47 Outlaw 🍩
11U Bears 31 Outlaw 🍩
13U Bears 60 Outlaw 8

Again Great job everyone, way to show up big and get the wins.... MVP's this week goes to... 2 young guns... 7U (PT) is out with an injury however this young player showed up game day with his team and coached them to another win. Thanks mom and dad for rocking with us.❤ The 2nd one is 11U (Boogie Khalil) was injured before season started. He showed up to every practice, every game, participated in every event and hit the field yesterday. Welcome back Boogie, the sign of a true leader...💪