Beat COVID-19 with Blast (VIDEO)

Be Ready for when Sports Resume

In all likelihood, sports will resume this year. Programs need to be prepared despite the challenges caused by COVID-19. Don't make the mistake of waiting for restrictions to lift, get prepared now. Take advantage of people’s downtime to organize your program online. Use Blast to centralize communication then handle your necessary tasks.

Use Blast to Operate Remotely

Focus on what you can do, and what needs to be done. Use Blast to get your program centralized on one team app and website. Once team members are signed up, they can send and receive messages, view the calendar, make payments (spirit pack, fair share, dues...) and get prepared for the online fundraiser. Don’t worry, the fundraiser won’t launch until your program pushes the button, but it can be ready to go when the time is right.

Schedule a Demo

Zoom Meeting with Blast

Blast reps are standing by, ready to set up your program remotely using Zoom. We will start with a demo, then create your team, high school program, club, league or band. Plus your Blast rep will be available all year to answer any questions. There is no out of pocket or monthly costs, Blast makes money when our teams do.

How COVID-19 Will Affect Fundraising

Sports fundraising will look very different until the fear of spreading and contracting the disease have subsided. This means that any fundraisers that involve human contact will be restricted, if allowed at all. Included in this list are various methods, including product sales, discount cards, golf tournaments and restaurant fundraisers. Programs that rely on the funds generated from these fundraisers will need to look to safer alternatives. Online fundraisers will dominate the market, so make sure you are prepared to launch immediately when the virus permits. Teams will be flooding communities with donation requests, so it’s important to be first.

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How we can help your program during COVID-19 restrictions

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