I know some of you will be glad this is one of my last Blast messages...maybe some of you are sad about it..LOL...either way, here we go

Reminder of Drive-Up Ring Presentation today at 7:00 at SHHS. We will line your vehicles up when you get there. We will start at 7:00. Order of events:
1. You will pull up, the player (and you if you want), can exit
2. We will give the ring in the box and record them opening the box for reaction. Going to splice all the reactions together and make a video
3. We will take a photo with the coaches and they will return to your car and drive off
4. If you and the players want to hang around and take photos with each other, totally a family decision and up to you guys
5. Wearing a mask if up to your family and your decision.

REQUEST #1: Have the players wear a Shadow Football or a National shirt. If not available, maybe at least a football related shirt?
REQUEST#2: Please respond below and let me know if you will or will not be there tonight (even if you already did so). Need to get a good headcount to avoid making 25 phone calls today. If you can't get there tonight, I will probably text you to arrange another day to get the ring out!

Thank all of you for one of the best seasons in my coaching career. The reality of it coming to a final end is weighing heavily and is bittersweet, but I cherish the memories and can't wait to see what your kids do next!! Thanks!!!
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