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Troy High Instrumental Music Program Woodwinds Fundraiser

Hello Parents, Family and Friends! Woodwind Sections are asking for your support! Troy High is a public school, but each sport program receives minimal funding from the District. Every year each program needs to raise their own funds for: *Supplemental Coaching Staff Salaries *Uniform Cleaning and Adjustments *Entry and Application Fees for Competitions *Transportation to Competitions and Parades *Instrument Repairs and Supplies *Music and Arrangements for each Section as well as the Field Marching Plans *Themed T-Shirts for this year's Show for each of the Students *Upkeep of the Trailers and possible rental of trucks if we have no volunteer drivers *Any other needs for the Instrumental Music Group and Color Guard. All Parent participation including the Parent Board is strictly voluntary. We need your financial support to benefit the program. Without it, the items and groups listed above will be either become very limited or completely eliminated. Your generosity will be directly impact the students. Thank you! Sincerely, TEMPO/Troy Enthusiastic Music Parent's Organization

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We are the Woodwind Section including: • Saxophone and Alto Saxophones • Clarinets and Alto Clarinets • Flutes • Oboe • Bassoons • Piccolo Please Support the Instrumental Music Program. Thank you!
$4,730 /10,000

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