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Varsity Baseball Fundraiser

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JSerra Varsity Baseball Fundraiser

We are a self funded program that is seeking to raise money for the 2018/2019 baseball season. We are asking for your support to continue to help fund this successful program and the development of the JSerra players. Every dollar you donate goes towards program needs of uniforms, field maintenance, equipment and game fees to list a few. With this fundraising application it will allow players such as myself, to automatically send periodic updates, videos and team progress of what's happening during the season to you as a sign of appreciation for your support. Please consider helping us reach our fundraising goals and donate today.

About Us

JSerra Baseball has grown into a regional force that has seen its players achieve national acclaim. The Lions are annually one of the preseason favorites in the Trinity League, a league widely considered the best in the state and, by some peoples accounts, the nation. Coach Kay and his coaching staff believe they've created an expectation that they strive to uphold on an annual basis. The root of that expectation can be easily traced back to the number of players that have moved on to the collegiate and professional ranks. Coach Kay's expectation for his players isn't just on baseball, its also about living up to the standard and meeting the four pillars of expectation of creating relationships, integrity within the program, respect everyone, and hard work to achieve greatness.
Varsity 52 Donations $5,890
Jr. Varsity 112 Donations $15,000
Freshman 104 Donations $8,150
$29,040 /33,000

How Blast Works

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