CIF Practice Schedule; CIF Tournament Schedule

Monday Feb. 4th: 145-230 run at foothill everyone(including frosh/jv)
3-5pm servite
Tuesday Feb. 5th: 145-230 run at foothill everyone (including frosh/jv)
3-5pm ELMO
Wednesday Feb. 6th: 145-230 run at foothill everyone (including frosh/JV)
Thursday: Practice at foothill 145- 345
Friday :CIF tournament at Brea!
Meet at foothill at 8am. Carpool over to Brea High school.
Weigh in and groom begin promptly at 9am.
Wrestling starts at 9 am.
If you are in till the last round of the day(quarterfinals) or consos be prepared it will start at 730pm.
Saturday: meet at brea at 8am
Weigh in at 9am
Wrestling begins at 11am
Medal rounds will be at 230pm

Come in focused this week guys! Take care of your injuries and skin issues! Let me know if you have any questions!
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