Bonita Varsity Football Fundraiser

We are trying to raise $55,000 for such things as: 1. New Black Jerseys 2. Speedflex Helmets($500 each Very Safe) 3. Fog Machines for Game Day Entrance 4. General Equipment 5. Film Equipment/Media Exposure 6. Coaches Stipends

About Us

We are Bonita Football. Located in La Verne California. A great program that is interested in mentoring young men and helping them not just succeed in football - but life


raised of $55,000 goal


Level # of Donations Amount
Varsity 190 Donations $17,115
JV 105 Donations $8,405
Freshman 326 Donations $20,390
Digital Ads 2 Purchased $1,000

Concussion Prevention Bonus

Raise $20,000, Receive a Free Iron Neck
($625 Value)
Iron Neck makes building a stronger neck easy for all athletes. That's important because increased neck strength reduces concussion risk. Iron Neck has selected this program to receive a free Iron Neck 'Pro' Model if they raise $20,000.

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Sponsor Name Donation Amount
JC & Gail Cadam $1,286
Julio Cordova Jr $1,000
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