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Varsity Football Fundraiser

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2019 Wenatchee Varsity Football Fundraiser

The Wenatchee Varsity Football team is raising money to cover expenses associated with their upcoming 2019-2020 season. Expenses such as summer training equipment, transportation costs for away games, player post-game meals and new game-day uniforms. Thank you in advance for your support of the Varsity Panthers! Summer camp and passing league just finished. It will not be too long before the first game is here. This is a very exciting time for all Panther players and coaches. With all of the financial cuts, programs like ours cannot exist without financial donations from the community, local businesses, and most importantly our “Friends and Family”. We would greatly appreciate any financial donation you can afford ($25, $50, $75, $100, $200). We are partnering with Blast Athletics making this donation easier than ever before. Your donation can be made in a few seconds, a click of a mouse, or pressing a button on your smart phone. By donating, you become a part of the WHS Panther Football community. You will receive updates, game postings and information about how the Panthers are doing. All donors will be recognized. Any donation in excess of $200 will make you eligible for a Panther Football golf shirt. For tax purposes, our non-profit Tax ID Number (46-5068858) is posted for your records. Please “click” below to get started and know that we really appreciate your help.

About Us

The mission of the Wenatchee Football Club (feeder program to Wenatchee High) is to support the positive development of student/athletes by providing resources and opportunities through the regional football community. Stay connected with the club at: https://www.wenatcheefootballclub.org/home
Varsity 144 Donations $15,550
Jr. Varsity 7 Donations $490
Freshman 70 Donations $4,660
$20,700 /30,000

How Blast Works

Select an Athlete
Click the yellow donate button, then choose your favorite athlete to follow. If you don't know an athlete, select the Team option.
Donate Online
Pay with your credit or debit card
Join the Journey
Receive a weekly update including photos and videos of the athlete you followed and the entire team.

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From Our Sponsors

Let me know your schedule I'd love to come watch you play!
Emelia Gutzwiler, 9/18/2019

Best of luck, Leo! Go Panthers!
Brandon H. Krupp, MD, 9/15/2019

Go Panthers!
Anonymous, 9/12/2019

Have a good season
Norm Stevenson, 9/09/2019

So proud of you
Leslie Tucker, 9/08/2019