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Anisa Ray
8/07/2019  (Alumni)
8/04/2019  (Alumni)
Have a great season Nathan! Go Diablos!!!
7/11/2019  (Alumni)
You make me SO proud kid, and Leon and I love you very much! “You can do all things”
David Schmidt
6/18/2019  (Alumni)
I wish I would have somebody like you to throw two back in the day. You are a quarterback"s dream. Go get "em, Mavin. Schmidty
Robert Eachus
5/27/2019  (Alumni)
Go get em this year Randall!
5/21/2019  (Alumni)
Pamela Sawyer
5/18/2019  (Alumni)
Here’s to an amazing football season❤️🏈
Gabe Fitch
5/18/2019  (Alumni)
Good luck this season Jake!
Andromida Walter
5/17/2019  (Alumni)
Keep up the good work, Jesus!
OrthoSport OC Physical Therapy
5/16/2019  (Alumni)
Beat Nick Gilliam’s record!
Mike and Donna Smith
5/16/2019  (Alumni)
Payson: Good luck this season. Donna and I are very proud of you. We look forward to watching you next season.
Andromida Walter
5/16/2019  (Alumni)
Keep up the good work little bro! We love you!
Brenda L Aguirre
5/16/2019  (Alumni)
Alex mascarenas
5/16/2019  (Alumni)
Love you E!
5/15/2019  (Alumni)
Dr. B.Mo
5/14/2019  (Alumni)
Good luck Dylan!
5/11/2019  (Alumni)
Keep up the good work, Ken! Come to Eugene and visit us soon.
Ananda Gilbert
5/10/2019  (Alumni)
Love you lots!
Big bro Des
5/10/2019  (Alumni)
Ball out this year lil bro