I’d like to thank God for blessing my family with such an amazing experience with all of you over the years! The success and support we’ve seen has been amazing and unforgettable. My family and I are extremely grateful to the MoHS administration for their guidance and assistance through this crazy rollercoaster ride. And finally, to the MoHS parents and extended families, I’d like to thank you all very very much for your gracious help and outstanding support each and every day. There aren’t enough words to express how we are feeling with this departure. I was offered to coach at the Division 1 FBS college level, at San Diego State University, and have accepted. In closing, I’d like to wish nothing but the best for the MoHS Football ohana and remember...attack everything like it’s 4th & GOAL!!! God first and everything will fall into place!!! Menehune...through and through!!! Aloha!!
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