Off Season - 2019

Parents and Players,

Thank you for a great year. I wanted to send out an email with some details for the next few weeks. This won't include everything, but hopefully it gives you some key dates to go by.

November 11th - December 1st (OFF)
- First Period Football and 6th Period Football = Study Hall / Player Meetings
- No Afternoon Practices

Friday, November 15th
- Seniors Only
- Pizza Party at Lunch (12:19 - 12:51pm)
- At the tables in the stadium
- Please attend to reflect on the season and give the coaches your feedback.

Monday, November 18th
- Mandatory Lunch Meeting for All Football Players (including seniors).

Monday, December 2nd
- Varsity / JV Banquet
- 6:00 - 10:00pm
- Mission Viejo Country Club
26200 Country Club Lane
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Monday, December 2nd - Friday, December 13th
- Off Season Lifting begins
- 1st and 6th Period Football = Weight Lifting
- Tuesdays and Thursdays = Weight Lifting (2:45 - 4:00pm)
*Mandatory attendance for all players planning to play football in 2020
**Multiple sport athletes encouraged to attend when possible. More details at Monday's lunch meeting.

Monday, December 16th - Thursday, December 20th
- 1st and 6th Period Football = Weight Lifting
- After school Lifting - Wednesday and Thursday for 1st Period Football Players (2:00 - 3:15pm).
*Yes, we will lift during finals week. Studies show it's actually good to exercise during this time.

December 23rd - January 3rd
- Weight Room Open (9:00 - 11:00am)
- Workouts will be run by the coaching staff. Please be on time.
- Weight Room Closed on Christmas and New Year's Day.

Monday, January 6th
- Off Season Lifting resumes
- 1st and 6th Period Football = Weight Lifting
- Tuesdays and Thursdays = Weight Lifting (2:45 - 4:00pm)

I will have more information on all of this at the upcoming player meeting. We will most likely send out another message in the next few weeks. Before you know it, we will be in 2020 and preparing for Spring Ball. In the meantime, enjoy some time with your families. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you all at the Banquet on December 2nd!

Coach Curtis
Team Feed