Important Camp Information

1. Camp is next week, from Monday through Friday. Check in at the Gym by 3 PM on Monday.
2. Camp fee ($150) is due on Monday. You can pay it, or raise it through Blast. If you don't know what your son has raised through Blast, ask me.
3. Attached is the packing list. Do not bring any contraband.
4. On Thursday for Family Night, please bring a dessert to the Cafeteria before the Ironman Competition.
5. We REALLY need more daytime volunteers. Please consider stepping up if you're available. Grandparents and fans welcome to come help! Here's the sign-up link again:


Camp will be an amazing experience for your son. Thank you to everyone who is giving their time and money to make this possible.

File Attachment: Camp Flyer_2019.pdf
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