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9/04/2019  (Alumni)
Always try you best-don’t let anything stop you from your dreams
Jamie Di Francesco
8/24/2019  (Alumni)
Have a great season, Tommy!
Maciel Family
8/22/2019  (Alumni)
Make it happen Nico, have fun! Go Elmo!
8/21/2019  (Alumni)
Owen- we are proud of you. He get em! You remember what Josh and I said... Uncle Jeff, Marissa, and Ellie Mae
Larry Parga
8/19/2019  (Alumni)
Uncle Lloyd is proud of you! Go Vanguards! Score!
Mikell & Jessika Vargas
8/16/2019  (Alumni)
Good Luck Jesse we look forward to going to your games and getting In-N-Out afterwards haha!!
Jerome Aguilera
8/11/2019  (Alumni)
There you go lil buddy, send me your game schedule so I can go watch you play.
Czekalski family
8/08/2019  (Alumni)
Make it a great season ODawg.
Joey Maciel
8/08/2019  (Alumni)
Have fun & go ELMO!
Edgar Rosales
7/03/2019  (Alumni)
6/30/2019  (Alumni)
#4ra SvgSzn
andrew carvajal
6/28/2019  (Alumni)
Josh Smith
6/19/2019  (Alumni)
Enjoy every minute seniors! Let’s have another good year!
Jesse Bernal
6/19/2019  (Alumni)
Owen Marcyan
6/19/2019  (Alumni)
Owen Marcyan says your beautiful
Hamburg Family
6/14/2019  (Alumni)
Emilio, We R looking forward to coming out to watch you play....Go Vanguards.... Once a Vanguard always a Vanguard....
Jimmy Ruiz
6/13/2019  (Alumni)
Hey Andres, I remember how expensive , rewarding & necessary fundraising is for Sports! Hope this helps.
Julie Gullion
6/05/2019  (Alumni)
6/05/2019  (Alumni)
Armando Flores
5/28/2019  (Alumni)
Best luck to your upcoming season. Looking forward to seeing you play!
Mark J Lansdon
5/20/2019  (Alumni)
2 x number
Fred Furey
5/19/2019  (Alumni)
Dominate this season Aiden!!!!