Academic Update

I wanted to say that I miss you and I hope you and your family are physically and mentally healthy at this time. I am confident that these tough times won’t last and that the tough tigers will.

Although these are hectic times and our home lives are drastically changed, I want to remind you to make time to improve your grades. Your teachers have posted a “final” grade in infinite campus as of last week. However, this grade can be improved with extra “enrichment” work. You must communicate with your teacher (school email, parent square app or other apps your teachers might use) to find out what you can do. Any work you do can only help your grade and not hurt it.

There are many unknowns about what our lives will look like going into summer and next school year. Instead of worrying about that, let’s control our own attitudes and be hopeful. Unfortunately, if you cannot earn a 2.0 GPA with less than 2 Fs, your hope for next season will end in early disappointment and you will not be invited to participate next season. Take control and do something now. Don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT! Find the beauty of this struggle and use the time for something good. Actions speak louder than words. Message me privately with any questions or concerns with your grades or just to say hi.

Take Care and Much Love,
Coach Kirschman
Team Feed