Thursday Workout


5 mins. stationary, 5 mins. dynamic(line) stretching.

- Jump rope/ Jump in place 4 sets 1:30 2 mins. in between set

-Russian Twists 3 sets 1 min each. 1:30 in between

- Planks 3 sets 1:10. 2 min between

- Burpies 4 sets of 25 each


Tee Work
-Top hand only full swings. 30 inside/30 outside

- Both hands. Start at Heel plant and get to extension. 30 in/30 out.

- Full Swings to all quadrants. Low/in, up/in, low/out, up/ out. 30 to each quadrant.

Side Toss

-Start at heel plant. 40 swings to extension.

- Full swings 40. ( make sure person tossing ball aim for front hip with a firm toss. No arc in the toss).

**Please have your player text Coach Ale @ (619)855-4190 after they have completed workout.
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