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Boys Jr. Varsity Basketball Fundraiser

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Southlands Christian Schools Boys Jr. Varsity Basketball Fundraiser

Hello fellow Eagles! On behalf of our entire program, we would like to invite you to our Fundraiser for the 2019-2020 Basketball Season at Southlands Christian High School. This is a great way for the community to get involved and contribute in any way possible to create an experience like no other for our student athletes. Our Eagles have been working extremely hard this offseason in preparation for the season and would love to be able to reap the benefits of their hard work. We kindly ask that you support our program that shares the common belief of building athletes with the correct values under His guidance. We thank you in advance! - Southlands Christian Boys Basketball Program

About Us

Southlands Christian Boys Basketball is a program that is built on a foundation of morals, values, beliefs, and habits that are congruent with His vision. This program is working towards building a culture that encompasses the idea of "Buy In." The school-motto, "Buy In," is being represented on a daily basis, by not only athletes, but the entire community. We pride ourselves on this idea and will continue to represent what this stands for every season. We understand that we are in this position for success because of His vision and purpose.
Varsity 22 Donations $2,265
Jr. Varsity 32 Donations $1,786
Frosh/Soph 1 Donation $50
$4,101 /15,000

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From Our Sponsors

Have a rocking season!!!
Gloria Gu Ma, 11/17/2019

Have lots of fun and be safe!!!
Shirley, 11/17/2019

Love you Aidan! Good luck!!
Diana Jeon, 11/14/2019

Good Luck! Have fun
John Coronel, 11/05/2019

Rooting for you and your teammates! Have a wonderful season! Can’t wait to see you slam those shots!!! Go Southlands!
VB6, 11/05/2019