2020 MC Boys' Varsity Golf Schedule Link

Hey Team,

I am putting you on notice we will be switching to the 2019-2020 team Blast Athletics website when it gets launched in the next day or two. You will need to register there to get updates.

The text messaging worked well for us but as MC coaches we have been directed not to text you during school hours. Emergencies might be an exception like when we are scrambling for a sixth man at the last minute on game day. That should be avoidable. So if I send you an email during the day, please do not reply to me via text during school hours. OK? Thanks!

When you look at the schedule, you will notice I am slating matches only for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mt. Woodson is welcoming us back, not to be taken lightly, and that is a credit to how you have taken care of the course and conducted yourself at all times. You guys make me proud! Practices are on Wednesdays at Oaks North. They are only important if you expect to get playing time in matches. At this time, there are fifteen scheduled and I am planning to fill the open dates. This means everyone will get a shot at match play and we should comfortably qualify to play in to Team CIF if we do not qualify outright.

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