Football is Back

Good Evening, As some of you may know football is back in a limited experience. We will be scheduling 3-5 games to participate in starting as soon as March 18th. This will be a lot of information moving at a fast pace. We will start Monday with an equipment day starting at 4:30-6:30pm to come get fitted for helmets and shoulder pads. Please pay attention to the practice schedule as we will ramp up our practices in the coming weeks to 4 days next week, and 6 days a week the following weeks. All questions regarding spectators, Covid protocols, game schedule will all be answered in the coming days so please be patient. Schedule below is for next week. 3/1 Monday : equipment 4:30-6:30 3/2 Tuesday: practice (helmets) 5:30-8:00pm 3/3 Wednesday: practice (helmets) 5:30-8:00pm 3/4 Thursday: practice (helmets) 5:30-8:00pm 3/5 Friday: practice (full pads) 5:00-7:00pm P.S we will also be doing a fundraiser blitz that I will set up for all the kids to do on blast, this will help for some immediate needs for team meals, hydration, recovery treatment and other essential items for the program. Thanks! #GoBlue
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