JSerra Catholic High School
Varsity Football Fundraiser

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JSerra Catholic Varsity Football Fundraiser

The Blast fundraiser is vital to our program raising the money we need to operate a top-notch Trinity league football program this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are unable to generate revenue from other streams that we normally have available to us throughout the year which makes Blast even more important to us this year. We are a self-funded program and need your help to allow us to have what we feel is necessary for us to compete in the toughest league in the country. Your donations will provide us the opportunity to buy equipment, pay for travel, and many other important items that allow us to coach and play at the highest level.

About Us

The JSerra Lions play in the Trinity League which is considered the toughest league in the nation. All six teams compete at the most competitive Division 1 level, and last season five teams were ranked in the Top 100 in the nation. Two teams were ranked in the Top 3 in the nation, and one team was the national champion. In California, five teams finished the season ranked in the Top 20. This year’s team is looking very competitive and we’re very excited about the upcoming season.
Varsity 266 Donations $27,562
Freshman 192 Donations $22,050
$49,612 /52,000
Plus 7 monthly recurring pledges

Ball Security Bonus

Raise $20,000, Receive a FREE HIGHandTIGHT Football and Consult
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"Ball Security is Job Security" and now everyone can HEAR instantly that a player is carrying the ball properly!

How Blast Works

Select an Athlete
Click the yellow donate button, then choose your favorite athlete to follow. If you don't know an athlete, select the Team option.
Donate Online
Pay with your credit or debit card
Join the Journey
Receive a weekly update including photos and videos of the athlete you followed and the entire team.

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9 Donations

From Our Sponsors

Your dad told me you had a couple nice runs this year. Good to hear! Makin' him proud.....
John A Stacey, 4/16/2021

Sorry it to me so long to donate!! Wishing you all the best Ian!!!
Laura Peters, 12/02/2020

Best of luck to you and the entire team!
Angelo & Despina Georggin, 12/01/2020

All the best Joey! 😎👍
Anonymous, 11/16/2020

I love you son
Saenaese Mauga Tialavea, 11/11/2020