Titan Football Requirements (Last Blast Post)


We are attempting to move forward with off-season activities on campus. In order to do so, we need to get the information out to players and parents.

Microsoft Teams has been selected as the platform we are going to use for player-specific content such as meetings, playbook study, workouts, and information only needed for our players (not parents). We do not want to flood parents with text messages or emails that are only needed for our players.

Sports Engine is the platform we use for our team website. This is the resource we are using to communicate relevant information to our parents, guardians, and players. This information is related to team updates, news, schedules, calendars, fundraisers, and everything you need to know for team activities. All of this information is pertinent to our program and is essential for all of our parents and guardians to know. This will be the last message I send through Blast. Please follow the following steps to get signed up for both:

1. Sign-up for our team's Microsoft Teams Account to receive all of our player and team updates related to meetings, playbooks, workouts, and resources. This is a SECURE account where we are going to be sharing private and sensitive information related to our football team. We have 50 players signed up, out of about 100 since last week.

Follow this link and log in with YOUR LEUSD SCHOOL EMAIL (not your personal).


2. Register for our team's website so that players, parents and guardians will receive all information about team schedules, news, bulletins, updates, and fundraisers. Players, parents, and guardians will receive text messages and emails with important notifications related to Temescal Canyon Football. Here are the steps for registering for the 2020 Season:

a. Go to www.tctitansfootball.com
b. Click on the link that reads "REGISTER: 2020 Season"
c. Fill out the contact and emergency information for your player (the person you are registering is the player).
d. When you get to "Organization Options", there are (3) options for your player:

(1) Pay the $120 fee for the 2020 Season
(2) Pay 3 payments of $40 over the next 3 months
(3) Do Not Pay- use the discount code (TITANUP) and all of the fees will be waved.

We need players registered as soon as possible. Get this done.
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