New Message from Coach Oberlander

Sonora Football Athletes & Families,

Hello! My name is Kevin Oberlander, new head coach at Sonora High School. I wanted to introduce myself to the football community. I’m excited to take on the role of head coach and lead the program. I’m especially excited to get to know our seniors and develop a strong relationship with them, giving them the best senior year possible. I can’t wait to get started!

Our coaching staff will use football to teach young athletes about life and help them become better people. We will do this by emphasizing Leadership, Competition and Toughness, seen in the above image that make up the BLOCK “S”. We want to teach our players how to be dependable and how to function properly in a family environment (our football program). Our program does not just want to win games or championships, we want to positively impact the lives and hearts of our players. My wife Andrea, daughter Amelia (7), and son Bo (1) are excited to be a part of the larger Sonora High School community.

As we navigate through the beginning of this school year, I will be in communication with our athletes and families giving everyone a clear vision of how our football program will function in the midst of Covid-19. I will be using REMIND as our main form of communication. This includes football athletes and their family members. I will use REMIND to keep you in the loop about important dates and upcoming meetings. Those dates have not been set, but stay tuned. ALL athletes and families, please sign up for REMIND using the link below.

First things first, connecting with the seniors! Seniors, I would like to meet you one on one over zoom. Please include your family members in this meeting, as I would like to meet them too.

Seniors & Senior Families: Please click on this link and sign up for a one on one meeting between 5:00pm & 8:30pm with Coach Oberlander Monday, August 10th:

Sonora Raiders Football REMIND for athletes & parents:

Coach Oberlander
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