Christopher Columbus High School
Boys Soccer Program Fundraiser

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Christopher Columbus Boys Soccer Fundraiser

Our yearly fundraising is crucial to the success of our program and our athletes. This season will be different than any other due the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to keep everyone safe during this time, online fundraising is our best option. Money raised through Blast Athletics will be used to cover travel expenses for JV & Varsity games in Orlando, masks & gaiters for each player to use during practice & games, purchasing equipment as needed, and for college recruiting activities.
Friends & Family 290 Donations $23,953
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$24,453 /25,000

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From Our Sponsors

Bosco, Hope you have a great season, do your best and enjoy.
Catherine Gete, 1/05/2021

Hope you have a great season!
Virginia Garcia, 1/03/2021

Go get it Lucas, from JJ and Vale
Jose Gomez, 1/03/2021

“Talent without working hard is nothing” Very proud of you.
Gloria Bustillo, 12/12/2020

Hope you have a great season Lex! Manny
Manny Fernandez, 12/10/2020