Awesome new fundraising video was just created. See attached. Niceville Cheer is top shelf!! We still need all hands to make this fundraiser successful. If you have not received any donations, please go back and see if you can redo your list. If you have not participated its not too late. We need everyone to pull out your phones and POST Videos and Photos. Your sponsors want to follow y'all 's journey to NATIONALS. When you post and tag, they will get an email every week. Please COPY the fundraiser link and share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.. You're Fans, Family and Friends want to support you, they just need to know what you're all about!!! So far y'all have raise $12k. The team GOAL is $20k. Lots of time left to get there, but it's going to take a TEAM effort!! Go Eagles!! 🦅🦅