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BNG GLOVES 9U Fundraiser

Welcome to the Banning Gloves 9u fundraising page. We are excited to be starting off the 2021 spring / summer season. We are trying to raise money for our season but with covid-19 here it has been a challenge in trying to avoid hand-to-hand fundraising we are trying something new. We will be playing in different tournaments this season help keep our boys to continue to play and getting better. These kids are our future. You are receiving the special invitation to be part of the Banning Gloves we hope you take our time and consideration and potentially donate to support the boys in the sport they love!!!! Welcome to the BNG GLOVES Family!!
$7,110 /7,500
Plus 1 monthly recurring pledge

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From Our Sponsors

Go Dom ⚾️💪🏽
Reyna Family, 4/27/2021

Way to go Brad!!
Joanne Gipson, 3/26/2021

You are going to go SO far brad! i can’t wait to see all that you do. you are the raddest dude! go hit them dingers!
Delaney Riddle, 3/26/2021

Keep Going
Tony Moreno, 3/24/2021

Go Kol! Keep working hard and having fun! 😊 Love auntie Celeste
Celeste Hinojosa, 3/17/2021