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9/19/21 Frosh Team Update

9/19/21 Frosh Team Update Tigers, Click the link below for a written recap of last week's loss to Liberty Click the link below for a video recap of last week's loss to Liberty It is now week 6 of the football season and we will turn our attention to the Eagles of Valley View High School. We are certainly not satisfied with our results the past month. The film, the scoreboard, and our actions don't lie. We must focus on the little things that make up our process that will add up to a better product. Rest assured that there are many good things happening that we celebrate in our team room. However, there are also many things we must continue to to improve with excellence and integrity in order to be the best we can be in all fields of life. Some of these things involve our abilities on the football field, but many of them are things that involve the abilities that are important everywhere: Accountability, Dependability, and Responsibility. Our entire school is working through issues involving these abilities, and I am challenging our team to take the lead on our campus in overcoming them. We look forward to staying positive and continuing to "hold the rope" while working through the struggles of high school football season with our entire Tiger family. Here are some announcements for this week: - This week's game is at home on Thursday 9/23/21 at 4 PM (Red jerseys). - We have an appointment to take football photos on Monday, 9/20 at 2 PM. We will go straight to the locker room to dress for photos at the beginning of 6th period. The photos are unique…players will be photographed individually against a green screen and then photoshopped into a group shot. Picture forms will be available tomorrow and they have the following options (this was from last spring) 1. Individual Pose Option : $0 2. Multi Pose Option : $5 3. Buddy Image: $5 4. Group Image Only: $0 Exact Cash Payment only! Cash in picture form envelope is due to photographer when you are photographed. Photos will be made available online. You will receive text/email with instructions to access your photos. Information needed for Picture Forms (players will have to fill out at school): School: Student ID# Player First Name Player Last Name Level : Frosh Jersey #: Parent Cell Phone #: REQUIRED! Parent Email : REQUIRED! -We will practice on Monday (right after pictures) and Tuesday in full gear until 5-530. -We will practice on Wednesday in full gear until 4-430. -We will do team activities during 6th period only on Friday. Athletes will be released from school at the bell. -Please refer to the Calendar/Schedule in the Blast app for information on all team activities. Please understand that team activities are always on as scheduled unless they are cancelled by the Head Coach in a message here. --Please continue to do everything you can to avoid spreading Covid 19 or being put on modified quarantine. Wear masks at all times inside. Complete your SWAY check in every day. Do not report to school with any Covid symptoms or if you have been in close contact with them. Ask your teacher to sit alone 6 feet away from others if possible. Bring your own water to all team activities. Please communicate with the school/nurse when returning from modified quarantine or other illness related absences. - Parents and players, please remember that we are STUDENT athletes. Players are expected to complete homework after practice or during 6th period during study hall. Any player that earns 2 Fs or more/less than a 2.0 GPA will become academically ineligible to play in games at the progress report in 4 weeks. Our first grade check was mostly good, but some players have already gotten off to a bad start in the classroom. I give our team 45 minutes per day for study hall so they need to take advantage of it. Players who are not performing in the classroom will receive fewer opportunities to perform on the field. Additionally, any player who becomes academically ineligible (2 Fs, less than 2.0 GPA, or Multiple Unsatisfactory Citizenship marks will not play in the games remaining after official progress reports come out on October 13th. Go Tigers! Beat the Eagles! -Coach Kirschman
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