⭕️Parents: Please read this entire message!

We have a great group of boys and parents this season! Your willingness to give generously, volunteer for the snack schedule and jobs, and cheer our boys on is impressive!

However, We (WCA) do feel like it’s a good time to remind everyone of the PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT we all signed at the beginning of the season. While, it is completely understandable to question calls by coaches and officials it is NEVER acceptable to conduct ourselves in a manner that brings a negative light to the organization, team, coaches, other fans and most importantly our own sons!

There are procedures in place for speaking with coaches regarding any issues you have. Please contact your AD Rochell Williams, Team Mom Julie Gooden or Sara Ayers at WCA and we will be more than happy to help you set up a meeting with the Coaches.

A copy of the PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT has been attached as a reference if needed.

⚫️There’s Also a 24 Hour Cool Down Period BEFORE Speaking With The Coaching Staff!!⚫️

Let’s finish this season as a strong united team! 💪🏼⭕️🏁