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WCAF 2022 Season

The WCAF is a new brand of Indoor Football that was founded in 2018 for the Millennial generation and Families. Our brand of football combines a new exciting fast pace game of football with music entertainment as we promote live, up and coming, artists as a unique part of our entertainment package during our games. Our National Broadcast Team goes one step further by encouraging our digital audience to participate in the game itself. Whether you are interested in the plays, our players, coaches or any of the artists performing, we encourage the fan involvement during the game. As part of our entertainment platform we are a strong proponent of supporting higher education and have partnered with a major University to endorse this message. So either tune in to our live digital broadcast or come out and experience the event you will not be disappointed either way. Thank you WCAF The Game For Millennials

About Us

The WCAF is a cutting edge engagement platform for the ultimate indoor football experience. Fans and followers can utilize our Blast platform to purchase experiences with players and artists in addition to extraordinary game experiences. Please choose your favorite player, position, artist, or the league itself and support them. This support is similar to a game ticket and will allow you to receive merchandise as well as personal messages from that particular player, artist or team. When you "Sponsor" or "Engage" it is just like purchasing your season pass to events and games. Based upon the level of engagement, you will receive your Season Pass link that will allow you to watch and engage along with WCAF branded gear to show your support. So, Click the YELLOW DONATE button, pick a player, artist or the team and get ready for the best indoor football event you have ever experienced with the WCAF.

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Thanks Tonio! WCAF is the League. Good luck on the Game. You look good and Go Scorpions. L. A
Anonymous, 2/25/2022

Hey nephew this Uncle cookie I donated $100
Hubert Wilson, 9/27/2021

Good Luck Jeff! I'll be cheering for you :)
Crystal Whitcomb, 9/14/2021

Hey Man I donated whatever I could. I'm actually in between jobs but when I start my new job I will definitely donate more
Christopher Frazier, 9/08/2021

Hey Brandon! Cousin Eddie and I are covering you in prayer and wish you great success. Make HIS Great! Brenda Thomas
BRENDA THOMAS, 9/03/2021