Arcadia High School
Boys Golf Program Fundraiser

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Arcadia Boys Golf Fundraiser

Thank you for participating in our Boys Golf fundraiser. I'm sure you're aware that running a successful high school golf program is extremely expensive and requires a great deal of financial support. To effectively support the boys and to ensure the continued success and growth of the Arcadia High Apache Golf Program, we need your contributions. All donations will go to funding various expenses such as green fees, range balls, tournament fees, travel expenses, and equipment. We sincerely appreciate the support and financial contribution you can provide!

About Us

Arcadia High School Boys Golf Program is one of the most successful golf programs in the Southern CIF Section, we have over 20 Pacific League Championships, 3 Western Divisional CIF Championships, 2 CIF Western Division Runner up finalist and 1 CIF Final Championship. Additionally, the program has sent several individual golfers to the CIF Preliminary and Final Championships.
$6,430 /8,000

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From Our Sponsors

Enjoy the season, Joshua!
Alvyn Cheong, 4/02/2022

Go Apache Joshua!
Anonymous, 3/24/2022

Have a great season!
Steven & Virginia Chang, 3/23/2022

Have a great season!
Marianne & Johnnie Lau, 3/21/2022

Proud of you Joshua!!
Christina Chian, 3/19/2022