Bennett's Creek Warriors
10u Football Fundraiser

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Bennett's Creek Warriors 10u Fundraiser

Hello, and welcome family, friends and fellow youth athletics supporters. As we make efforts to return to routine activities during these times, we recognize that our ability to return to play is from the near and distant support that you all provide that allows us to have a successful sports experience! This fundraiser will allow for these young athletes to: 1. participate in in-season team-bonding activities, 2. support required travel for in-season and post-season play, 3. aid in the end of year celebration highlighting their academic achievements, dedication and hard work throughout the season, and allows for the Athletes to have a memorable year and 4. help the association continue to maintain facilities and operations that provide all members involved fun and healthy ways to stay engaged in the community and keep kids participating in interactive activities.

About Us

Bennett's Creek Warriors Football and Cheer Association is a non-profit organization located in Suffolk, Virginia. Our 10u team is comprised of 31 athletes who were eager to come out of a year in virtual learning with minimal opportunities for social interaction. With your support, we hope to provide these athletes and their families with the momentum to generate a memorable sports experience that they can carry with them for years to come! We'd like to thank Blast Athletics and their partners for supporting us in these efforts and we'd also like to thank you all in advance for your support of these young athletes. Go Warriors!
$14,145 /15,000

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From Our Sponsors

Josiah wishing you and your team continued success on and off the field.
James Jones, 10/14/2021

Keep up the good work! We are so proud of you!!
Barbara Sorey, 10/13/2021

Go Aiden!
Donnel Cherry Jr, 10/12/2021

Sorry I didn’t get this done earlier and didn’t do more. Do great! I love you and miss you
Anonymous, 10/11/2021

#HereWeGo!!! Drop Top Wob!
Michael Cuffee, 10/07/2021