Hello Saugus Soccer Families! Our fundraiser is LIVE! FYI, players can enter new contacts at any time, but be aware of the potential sponsor's time zone. The Blast system will send out that notification to your sponsor as soon as you submit it. There are many emails and phone numbers that "bounced" when the Blast notification was sent to some sponsors. Be sure to check your app to fix any emails or phone numbers that may have been entered improperly. THANK YOU VIDEOS: Any sponsor who donated $100 or more are owed a personal Thank You video from that athlete they sponsored. I've attached instructions on how to send that video out. Let's make sure we reward our sponsors what they are owed. Athletes and parents, please share the Blast Soccer Fundraiser link to your social media pages to reach more potential donors. Thank you for having me as your Blast Rep and for all of your hard work! GO SAUGUS!!! Joe
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