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Vista Wrestling Fundraiser

Welcome to our 2021-2022 Blast Athletics Fundraiser! Your support is crucial to our program's success! By sponsoring your favorite Panther Wrestler or the team, you'll help cover transportation costs, equipment, tournament fees and other expenses. Thank you for your support! Go Panthers!
$7,285 /7,500

How Blast Works

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Click the yellow donate button, then choose your favorite athlete to follow. If you don't know an athlete, select the Team option.
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Receive a weekly update including photos and videos of the athlete you followed and the entire team.

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CJ Marvin

From Our Sponsors

Christian keep kicking ass in everything you do! Say hi to your mom!
Ramiro Santana, 1/07/2022

Have fun and give it your all!
MINDY SCOULER, 1/05/2022

Hello Njay I just sent $20 for now?
Leilanee A. Tacay, 12/23/2021

Never doubt yourself and always push yourself farther than you think you can. Everything else will fall in line.
Jose Calderon, 12/23/2021

Good luck, work hard, post updates!
CJ Marvin, 12/23/2021