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Girls Softball Program Fundraiser

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Claremont Girls Softball Fundraiser

Hello, This Fundraiser will help support the ongoing activities for the Claremont High School Softball Program. Funds raised will help offset costs of uniforms, tournament fee's, equipment, etc. Softball can be an expensive sport to participate in and some families struggle to keep up with the costs. Please consider giving a donation to our team. Thank you for your time and we look forward to sending you updates on the player you are sponsoring. This will include and videos, stats and game updates. CHS Booster Board

About Us

The CHS Boosters are responsible for the ongoing financial needs of the Claremont High School softball teams. We raise funds through various endeavors like a snack bar, See's candy fundraisers etc. We are comprised of an all volunteer staff that devote their free time to help the teams.
$8,715 /10,000

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Margarita Hernandez

From Our Sponsors

Have a great season!
Nick Burke, 4/22/2022

Good luck Jacqueline! have an amazing and fun season! Love Tia Rosa!
Rosa Maltos, 4/22/2022

Good luck niecey! Make your aunt proud!
Michelle Burke, 4/21/2022

From your Tia<3 Good luck.
María C Caudillo, 4/18/2022

Good Luck Spencer and Madison. Best Wishes!
William Casey, 4/17/2022