Canyon Lake Middle School
Cheerleading Fundraiser

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Cayon Lake Middle School Fundraiser

Our program receives most of our funding from sponsors & donations. All contributions go directly towards the program, which includes additional equipment & gear. Your support can have such a big impact! We would be honored & grateful for any amount you can give to help us continue to experience all the great opportunities that come from being in a quality program. Thank you for the support!
$4,415 /3,500

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From Our Sponsors

I am so proud of you…..
Marilyn BUSELL, 3/20/2022

Sooo super duper proud of you SummerRae and your team too!!
Ali Holster, 3/18/2022

I love you so much baby girl! I’m so proud you found something you absolutely love doing!
Margaret Elizabeth Medina, 3/18/2022

We love you!!
Jessica Busell, 3/10/2022

B-r-I-a what’s that spell One more time B-r-I-a BRIA yay Hope you’re having fun
Chris Hofmann, 3/09/2022