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To create an environment for a group of players, or an individual, to grow spiritually and physically while giving them a platform to achieve success in competition and achieve excellence in life. Thank you for your support!

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Head Coach Erik Kirsch took over the JSerra Boys Soccer program in 2015. Kirsch has been involved with the soccer community for many years. Program Achievements - 32 NCAA Athletes - 2021-22 CIF Finalist - 2019 Trinity League Champions - Trinity League MVP 2019 and 2020 - Trinity League Defensive MVP 2020 - Trinity League Offensive MVP 2022 - 9 All- Orange County Team selections - 1st player to play professional out of high school-Creighton Braun-Class of 2020 (FC DAC 1904 Slovakia) - 2009 and 2010 West Prep League Champions - 2010 CIF Division 1 Champions - Allstate All- American- Creighton Braun - 26 All Trinity League Honors - 13 All-CIF Honors - Team GPA 3.24






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