Saugus Boys Varsity Basketball Fundraiser

Welcome to our 2022-2023 Saugus Basketball Fundraiser!! We are excited to partner with Blast Athletics AGAIN, for our upcoming season’s fundraising needs! The funds raised are used to make sure the athletes have a successful, fun and memorable season. The money helps us with the costs of uniforms, equipment, transportation, team bonding events, game day lunches, coaching, senior night, and our end of the year banquet awards ceremony. By donating to our program, big or small, you are helping out our student athletes compete in the sport that they love! With your donation to our program, you will be able to follow us and stay connected this season! Thank you for your support!! Go Saugus!!!

About Us

WE are a COMMITMENT BASED CULTURE. Our culture will be about our commitment in pursuit of excellence in our five pillars of success consisting of Teamwork, Effort, Attitude, Accountability and Communication. These five pillars will be utilized in the classroom, off season, preseason, during season, at school and at home. Student athletes must be committed in all of these areas to withhold our commitment based culture. Be committed to each other, form a brotherhood bond, and learn to use communication within the group to problem solve. COMMTTED and TOGETHER, our student athletes, families, and volunteers work with unyielding spirit to cultivate a safe and disciplined environment so every student athlete can reach their full potential, develop their talents and increase their skills in the game of basketball and more importantly...LIFE.


raised of $30,000 goal


Level # of Donations Amount
Varsity 77 Donations $5,070
JV 112 Donations $7,245
Freshman 109 Donations $8,690
Digital Ads 1 Purchased $250

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Chris Takahashi $250
Churchill Buela $250
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Delia Perez $20


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