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Thank you for visiting! Our Glendora Tennis program has historically not had much support (like other sports at GHS). So, we launched a Boosters program last year and we're running a fundraiser to help provide needed resources and to improve our tennis program for both teams - JV and Varsity. We hope you'll consider supporting and following our GHS Tennis program via Blast. We're so grateful for your support! Here's where the funds will be used pending we raise the needed funds for these items: - Scholarships for Players (fees, uniforms) - Supplies (Balls, Nets) - Facilities Upkeep & Improvements - Player Development - Growing Tennis in Glendora Overall Tennis doesn't have a large central body like GYS for soccer, Glendora American and National for baseball, and other sports leagues and teams. We'd like to change that for the future. We see kids who find tennis later and would have loved to have played at a younger age. Thus, we hope to work in the community to build a greater community of tennis in Glendora. It's our way of supporting our community, kids and families, and eventually building a great love of tennis for all. There are many benefits to the game of tennis for our youth and adults alike. It's a sport that you can carry with you, which is why you'll see 80+ year old players in our courts still playing and living a healthier life. Funds are primarily going to our direct needs as we just started our boosters. But, we envision this greater future and will be meeting in our board to work towards these goals. We need volunteers for our board as well. If you're interested, please email [email protected] Thank you for your support!

About Us

Glendora Tennis Boosters is a district-approved Booster program that supports our GHS Boys Tennis teams. Established in 2022, it's our goal to help support and grow our tennis program at GHS for both JV and Varsity teams. We want tennis to grow as a sport at GHS and for our students to compete well and enjoy the awesome sport of tennis!


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