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Welcome to our fundraiser! Since Covid-19 and the time we lost in fundraising, we are moving a lot of our fundraising efforts to online fundraising! Thank you for your support!

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Cheerleading, like any other extra-curricular activity, should be part of the total educational experience of our students and an extension of the classroom. It provides an extra-curricular activity for girls, which combines athletics and the development of leadership skills. Our athletes are taught skills in stunting, jumping, tumbling, arm precision, strength, and conditioning. We emphasize teamwork and work towards the achievement of personal and team goals. They also learn correct spotting techniques and follow guidelines as outlined by MHSAA. Participation in cheerleading helps develop self-esteem, leadership skills, teamwork, discipline, and encourages healthy lifestyle choices. The girls learn to see their position as role models, not only for younger children who look up to them, but to their classmates and the community in general. They are very visible representatives of Walled Lake Western High School. We expect our teams to demonstrate good sportsmanship and learn to encourage positive crowd participation and school spirit at games and in school. Our girls will display good manners, respect for the rights and property of others and behavior in which brings pride to your family, their team, their coach, our program, and our school. Teams Our program currently consists of Varsity and JV. In the fall, all teams are responsible for cheering all home and away football games. During the winter season, currently the Varsity & JV team participate in the sport of Competitive Cheer, participating in 9-12 competitions. ​ Practices In the summer, our football sideline cheer teams will practice 3-4 days a week. In the fall, our football sideline cheer teams will practice 2-3 days a week including 1 day of gymnastics instruction. In the winter, the competitive teams practice 5 days a week plus competitions 1-2 days a week. This is to assure the most success for our growing program.


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