Palmdale, CA — It was an epic rematch against the Cruzers' nemesis, El Rio. Remember, the Cruzers lost to El Rio at the WAGS tournament, due to a lot of errors on our part. Needless to say, we WANTED to win. Badly. The game started off with the temperature reachiig a pleasant 108 on the field, and Cruzers were home team. And that is when the battle began! #8 Arce started, pitching beautifully. It was 0-0 for 3.5 innings, with each side leaving runners in scoring position at the 3rd out. And then...THEN El Rio broke the stalemate, and scored on a hit to the outfield. They were then able to score again, but our girls made them WORK. Our bats just weren't there today. We played amazing, and left it all on the field. I don't know about you, but I know I couldn't do what they do! What a way to play! Keep your heads up! We may have lost this one, but we played just how we should've played! Stay tuned for the next game announcement. You can also watch it live via Periscope!