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Social media has taken over the world, so we decided to use this powerful technology to build a network that combines team communication, recruiting, fundraising and crowdsourced coverage for all amateur sports, cheer and band

Ask yourself, why is every function of sports handled separately?

Group communication, team websites/apps, calendars, fundraising, recruiting, real-time coverage, highlight videos/photos, club/school/band websites, combines, stats…

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If thery were all connected, would't they naturally enchance each other?

The answer is yes, and here is an example of how:

One Video, Unlimited Value
Imagine you are about to head to your daughter's club softball game, and you open the Blast Athletics App to get the game time and directions. While at the game, you are filming with you phone and catch a great highlight of your daughter running a double play, so you post it to that game's page on Blast and tag the shortshop and first baseman. Just by posting that video, it is immediately shared on the team's webpage, the club network page, and each athlete's Blast Profile. Anyone following along online can view it as soon as it uploads. The video will later be emailed to each of your daughter's sponsors from the Blast fundraiser.

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