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About Blast

We all know that family and friends drive the success of most fundraisers. But what most don’t recognize is that family and friends participate because they care about the person raising money, and don’t even want whatever is being sold.

That’s why Blast Athletics created a fundraiser that gives family and friends what they want: a connection to the person they are sponsoring and the ability to follow along all season.

What Makes Blast Special

Powerful Simplicity. There is no easier or more satisfying fundraiser. To raise money, just enter email addresses and cell phone numbers of family and friends. To reward sponsors, just post and tag content such as videos, photos, scores and articles (as easy as Facebook). The more your team posts, the more your sponsors receive, and the better each Recruiting Showcase becomes. Since all approved team members can post content from their smartphones, there should be no shortage of coverage!

Featured Fundraisers



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Firecrackers Brashear/Oakes 14u
Chino, CA

How It Works

1. Create Your Team App & Website

In 5 minutes, you can create your team app & website, which comes pre-packaged with your fundraiser. A live Blast Rep will help you set up your fundraiser while your team signs up and enters their contacts.

2. Sign Up Your Team

All parents and players/members create their own account and join the team, if they are 13 or older. We recommend everyone downloads the App.

3. Enter Potential Sponsors

Each team member enters the email and/or cell number of their family and friends. Don’t worry, their info is safe. They will not be contacted outside of this fundraiser.

4. Launch the Fundraiser

When launched, your contacts will receive a message and link that brings them to the fundraiser landing page where they can quickly donate online.

5. Get Paid Quickly

As soon as the fundraiser launches, you will be able connect your team’s bank account with your fundraiser account and begin daily/weekly/monthly direct deposit withdrawals. Or, request weekly paper checks by mail.

6. Entertain Your Family & Friends

Your team posts content to Blast, we send it to your sponsors every Monday. All approved team members can share videos, photos, scores, stats and recaps to your Blast Team Website. On Monday, we send a Weekly Sponsor Email focusing on the person they selected when donating.

7. BONUS: Building Recruiting Showcases

to the fundraiser landing page where they can quickly donate online.

create team

Sell Ad Space to Corporate Sponsors

Blast lets teams sell ad space to local companies that want to advertise to your community. This is a great way to raise more money while rewarding companies with advertising instead of just asking for donations. Ads are outbound, going out on all email communication, meaning your sponsors will be in the palm of every person in your community all season.

Sell Ad Space

Offer Monthly Recurring Donations

Blast is with teams all year, so why not let sponsors donation smaller amounts each month? Every fundraiser has the option to offer automatic monthly recurring donations, creating financial flexibility.

Plus, this is great for programs with strong alumni support.

Sell Ad Space
  • Initial Donations
  • 82% to Team
  • Monthly Donations
  • 90% to Team
  • Corporate Ad Sales
  • 82% to Team
  • Everything Else
  • Included
  • Additional Fees
  • None! Pricing is Net
  • Blast Schools 170+
  • Unique Sponsors 71,000+

Donation & Participation Tracking

Team Overview

Team admins can track all donations at the team level and individual. Export reports in Excel.

Team Total (20 Athletes) $4,311
  • (51) Donations
  • 5% Sent 0
  • Sent 255/300
  • 62/255 Both
  • 96/255 Email
  • 97/255 Text
  • 16 Emails bounced
  • 4 Texts bounced
  • $84.53 Ave
  • 40% Sent 15
  • 85% Sent
  • (0) Unfulfilled
  • (0) Unthanked
  • (51) Completed

Individual Tracking

Individual tracking is thorough. Not only can team admins see how much each member has raised, but how much they participated. Participation tracking is crucial at the high school level.

Anthony Example$590
  • (11) Donations
  • Sent 25/20
  • 19/25 Both
  • 0/25 Email
  • 0 Texts bounced
  • 2Emails bounced
  • 4 Texts bounced
  • (0) Unfulfilled
  • (8) Unthanked
  • (3) Completed
Johny Example$590
  • (11) Donations
  • Sent 17/20
  • 0/17 Both
  • 1/17 Email
  • 16/17 Text
  • (0) Unfulfilled
  • (2) Unthanked
  • (9) Completed


Admins can see exactly who each team member has requested a donation from, as well as stop reminders and connect a donation with a contact.

Sent 17/2063 Views
  • 0 Both
  • 1 Email
  • 16 Text
+ Invite New Sponser
  • 1. Novella
  • Sent Aug 9, 2017
  • 555-555-5555
  • Aunt/Uncle
  • Mark as Donated
  • Restart
  • 2. Sally
  • Sent Aug 2, 2017
  • 555-555-5555
  • Aunt/Uncle
  • Mark as Donated
  • Restart
  • 3. Cecilia
  • Sent Jul 3, 2017
  • 555-555-5555
  • Aunt/Uncle
  • Mark as Donated
  • Restart

Why Club Sports Love Blast Fundraising: It’s Optional!

Club sports are both expensive and pay to play. Some families need to fundraise to afford to play while others despise it. Blast offers teams a simple solution: use Blast’s fundraiser and deduct the proceeds from dues or cut a check. There is no limit to how much one person raises nor a penalty for anyone not fundraising. Give your team the option and get back to focusing on the important stuff.

Why California High Schools Love Blast: Participation Tracking

In many states, including our home state of California, public high school teams cannot require parents to pay or fundraise a certain amount. But, making students participate is generally allowed. Blast makes it easy for teams to not only track participation, but the quality of participation.