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Blast realizes that each team in your club or school has to communicate and stay organized, which is why we created Team Websites & Apps. Our Club & School Networks simply connect all your Team Websites & Apps together onto one website; compiling coverage, schedules, rosters and centralizing communication. Blast makes it easy to organize and promote your entire club or school. Use your Blast network to replace or compliment your existing Club or School website.

Bottom Up Reduces Work for Admins

Blast Networks are designed to minimize work for club and school administrators using a ‘Bottom Up’ approach. By simply instructing your teams to use Blast’s Team Websites & Apps, each team will manage themselves and onboard their members which builds your network. When teams enter schedules, post highlights, update scores, choose MVPs and write articles, it all builds on your Club or School Network. Network Admins are there to oversee the each team, and can quickly communicate with the entire network, sets of teams or even choose roles within each team.

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Capture Your Program

Every club and high school has amazing players, coaches and experiences every year, but have no way of connecting them to your program long term. Blast is designed to not only capture and save every person and experience, but promote the best. Think about all the players who went on to college or the pro’s from your program. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have their highlight videos, MVPs and teams forever connect to your club or school? This will happen automatically just by telling your coaches that they have to use Blast to manage their team. It’s really that simple.

Real Time Coverage – No Admin Bottleneck

One of the biggest problems with Club or School Websites is that they are run Top Down, meaning the admins are responsible for updates and content. This either results in a delay or an putting in a lot of hours. Since each team’s coverage builds on the Network Website, the content is always up to date.

Plus, with other Club and School Websites, there is a fee to make changes. Blast is simple enough that admins can make changes on their own, instantly and for free!


Central Florida All Stars 7on7
Orlando, FL


SCHOOL Network
Irvine High School
4321 Walnut Ave, Irvine, CA

Every Club & School has a Dedicated Blast Rep!


One Feed, All Coverage

All the coverage posted by your teams connects on your Club Feed. This is an easy way to show off every level. The articles and MVPs that your teams select have their own page on your Club Network, showcasing the best of the best for the world to see.

Send Announcements

With one click, club admins can send a Text, App and Email notification to every person in their club. You can also choose certain teams and even roles within that team. So if you only want to send 13U and 14U parents, you can!

Central Calendar

Your club calendar combines the individual calendars of each team automatically. Club and school admins have the ability to enter each team’s schedule, but it’s often best to delegate to each team.

Select MVPs

After each game and event, the team Admins can choose the MVPs, explain why and include a highlight. The award will automatically show up on the athlete or performer’s Recruiting Showcase.

Manage Team Admins

Blast builds a list of admins and their roles to the team as they join, making it easy to get in contact with them. Plus, it makes it easy to remove admins that are no longer with your club or school.


Each individual team can run their own fundraiser. Club and School admins can monitor and manage the fundraisers. Ever penny that goes through the fundraisers is tracked and reports can be exported to Excel. Blast is the easiest and safest way for Clubs and Schools to fundraise.

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Games created by each team combine to create a Club or Schoolwide Scoreboard. The scoreboard is live updating, with no refreshing needed and comes with a widget to attach additional websites.


Club and School Networks are completely free. The only way Blast makes money is through the fundraiser.

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Why Pay $1,000’s to our Competition?


Multiple Sports

Your club can have up to 10 different sports. For example, most football clubs have Football, Cheer and Flag Football.

Unlimited Teams

Clubs and Schools can have unlimited Team Websites and Apps connected within your network. Blast works just as well for 3 team clubs as it does clubs with 100 teams.

Optional Fundraiser = Amazing!

Every Club has some parents who want to cut a check and others that need to fundraise. Since each team has it’s own fundraiser built in that tracks each player or performer individually, those who want to fundraise can. Blast makes it easy to track and deduct from each individual’s dues.

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Club Contact Info

Post the best contact information for your club on Blast so when potential new players see your network, they can figure out how to join. If you have an online registration software, you can post that link also.


Every School has a Network

Every high school already has a network, most just don’t know about it. To activate your network, simply create an account and join a team. If you are the AD or another administrator who is not on a particular team, contact us and we will make you school Admin.

Becoming a HS Team Admin

Before we let any users become admin of a High School or College team or network, we verify their identity. We only want the real people associated with the teams.


When an admin is approved on specific HS team, they are able to set up and manage their team. They are also able to delete ANY coverage posted to ANY school related page. This makes it easy to remove bad content quickly, and you can even MUTE the user that posted it!

Coaches to Student Texting

Many schools are eliminating the ability for coaches to text students directly, especially individually. Blast is a compliant resource that allows coaches to still text message their team. The text comes from Blast’s number and only allows coaches to select roles, not individuals, and the replies can be seen by everyone selected in the group chat.

Media Classes

Every school has students producing high quality coverage of their sports for various classes. Unfortunately, most of this coverage never gets seen by the players, coaches or fans; meaning the students rarely get recognition for their work.

Blast created functionality to specifically allow media students to post their coverage to any sport at your school. This enables media students to connect their work with the athletes and performers, gives access to fans and builds each student’s media portfolio.

Let’s Talk! media@blastathletics.com
Weekly Top 10

Every week, Blast automatically releases the Top 10 Videos, Athletes, Teams and Media Students, very similar to ESPN’s Top Ten Plays. The winners are decided by an algorithm focusing on views and likes.


Your Students Covering Your Sports

Sports Media is a multibillion dollar industry and is growing at a rapid pace. Blast is teaming up with schools to offer Sports Media Internships to their students. Interns will be responsible for helping teams integrate into the new digital world through Blast Athletics by setting up their teams, managing coverage, conducting interviews, assisting in building Recruiting Showcases and more. Blast has created a curriculum for the internship and will offer phone support and online training. Help us unlock the creative minds of your students while enhancing their appeal to colleges and ensuring top quality coverage of athletics and performances at your school.

Athletic Directors, Administrators and School Boards

Blast Athletics deals with a very sensitive subjects: minors and fundraising. This is why we go great lengths to ensure the safety of our users and schools, and work to stay compliant with state regulations and individual school district rules.

Our fundraising platform provides school-wide transparency and reporting for administrators, while eliminating having coaches and students from handling money. Every dime is always accounted for! We follow closely with California fundraising laws and restrictions, which have recently gotten schools in trouble while using similar online fundraisers. As we move into new states, we begin reviewing legislation to ensure compliance.

We are happy to review our entire process and work hand in hand with every school district individually. We would love to talk to you and see how to best implement Blast into your school or district.

Thank you! A Blast Athletics representative will contact you.

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