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Great First Game!

The first half was rough, the boys were a bit shy, which is absolutely understandable. They opened up in the second half and played great defense holding the Sharks to hardly any yards at all. If you take out the first half, the Rebels were amazing on both sides of the ball and were competitive. We didn’t always run, tried some passes too that allowed the boys to get more comfortable on all aspects of the game. I hope they had a good time. I really want to get all the boys to be a part of a few offensive plays a game. That was one of the better teams, and again, Rebels did awesome. Looking forward to our next game as now they will feel a bit more confident and comfortable with the game. Through the weekend, practice throwing and catching. We will work on the running game a bit right before our next game as well. Defense, they did great! Everyone have a great weekend!

Tough loss

They seemed to be bigger and faster. We will see and beat them in the playoffs.

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Sum Gai

Mayson Underwood

Sum Gai

Brooks Dickinson

Sum Gai

Hudson Bickerstaff

Sum Gai

Porter Weckesser

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