Articles & MVPs


Midland Sharks 25, Bullock Creek Rebels 6
Midland, MI — The first half was rough, the boys were a bit shy, which is absolutely understandable. They opened up in the second half and played great defense holding the Shar...
Bay City Bulls 6, Central Michigan Bengals 12
Midland, MI — I think the offensive coordinator did not prepare well enough —— me
Bay City Bulls 25, Central Michigan Bengals 14
Midland, MI — Landon tan the ball well with the help of some good fakes from running backs and an positions
Bay City Braves 20, Bay City Bulls 6
Midland, MI — They seemed to be bigger and faster. We will see and beat them in the playoffs.
Michigan Made Panthers 12, Bay City Bulls 30
Midland, MI — Started fast w a good running game. Let up a few early touchdowns but shut them out the second half. Two helpful Interceptions by Porter and Brooks Arsenault.