Marching Band Networks

Marching Bands Need a Network, Not Just a Website

  • Centralize Communication
  • Separate Groups Within Band
  • Distribute Coverage to Fans & Supporters
  • Powerful Fundraiser

About Blast
Band Networks

Blast Band Networks are designed specifically for high school and college marching bands, with the purpose of simplifying communication, fundraising, coverage and promotion on one digital platform.

Think of Band Networks like a combination of a website, a communication app and Facebook. The network consists of custom groups that you create, such as Color Guard, Jazz and Percussion. Members join their group, plus the main Marching Band, a which creates a network to simplify communication, share coverage and fundraise.

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Centralize Your Coverage

Blast is designed for bands to centralize all of your coverage, from practices to performances, events to articles. All members of your band can post videos and photos, and tag each member. Trust us, parents want a place to post performances!

Blast builds your band’s online footprint and connects content to each members individual profile. The posts automatically build your bands feed, making it easy to scroll through.

Band Network Features


Groups break up your band for simplification and communication, then connects them on your network. This way, Color Guard specific communication can stay within Color Guard, and not be sent to Wind Ensemble. Each group can have it’s own individual admins, with the Network Admins having full authority. When you have as many members as band does, you have to compartmentalize.

Group Admins vs Network Admins

With 1-click,Band Admins can send a text, app push and email announcement with one click through Blast. This can be sent to any group, all groups or a mix. Plus, you can also choose roles within each group. So if you want to send an announcement to only the parents of Percussion and Jazz, you can.


Reply & Leave Conversation

Your Band Members can reply to your announcement, which notifies everyone of each reply. Members can ‘Leave the Conversation’, if they do not want to be notified of replies.

Network Schedule

Your network schedule combines the schedules from each group. This allows Network Admins to delegate responsibility to each group admin.


Schedules sync with iCal, automatically updating on almost all mobile devices and Outlook.

Events made on your Schedule have their own ‘Event Page’. This page is designed to let your members post videos and photos from the event, keeping the experience in context.

The Best Band Fundraiser

Blast fundraiser was designed for bands who need to raise money and want to keep their family and friends involved. It’s simple, each band member enters the cell and email of family and friends that might be able to donate. We film an intro video then launch. Sponsors pick the member they want to support, donate online and the money goes to the band.

Throughout the year, your members are able to post videos of performances, photos and articles. Everything that your band posts gets sent your sponsors on Monday afternoon. It’s easy money and your supporters get to watch your performances from anywhere in the nation.

raise big money

Two Fundraisers Per Year:
Fall & Spring

In the fall, most bands perform together as one. In the spring, groups break out for competitions. That’s why we designed your Band Network to allow your entire band to fundraise as one in the summer or fall, then the groups going to competitions can fundraise individually.

2X the $$

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