Minden, NV — First off we need to give some Big ‘Thank You’s’ !!! Our Parents are amazing and stepped up in every corner of this event! Our athletes felt your support today and it help lead them to success! Pam Hurley great job organizing the table help! Shauna got the Snackbar stocked and ran flawlessly! Tasha Hamilton managed the gate and made sure our paw prints were on everyone. Bonnie Klein called out and put together a Hospitality room that was a knockout. Brian Deaton thank you for being the Tournament Director and keeping everything on Track( pun intended). Steve was up all night smoking pork. Sergio kept the kids organized for setup and takedown. It take a village to run a successful tournament and there is no better community than our Douglas Wrestling Family! All of you contributed so much, I appreciate it and I know the kids do too! As for the wrestling… Wow a huge improvement week over week! This team is going places and we can feel the energy. A few weeks before regionals and we are definitely gonna bring it for these next tournaments!