Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Revision: July 19th 2018

If you have not heard it before, thanks again for being part of Blast Athletics. As we all know, sports, bands and clubs play or perform in public places, alongside teammates and opponents, in front of family, fans and donors, and as part of a community. Therefore, we at Blast feel that a majority of the game or performance related information should remain open to the public. Personal information will always remain private unless the individual user chooses to disclose it. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what information we collect, who can view it and what we do with it.

  1. Information Types

    1. "Public" Information means information that everyone can access.
    2. "Restricted" Information means information that select Users have access to. The choice to select users can be made at the team level and might not require your individual approval.
      1. For example, when you join a team, you are given the option of whom, if anyone, can view your contact phone number on that team.
    3. "Request to Join" Information means information that is provided to team or school administrators in order to decision your approval or denial to join a team, gain administrator authority and other such actions. This information is only displayed to the Administrators of a team or school you request to join or have joined.
    4. "Private" Information means information that no other Users have access to.
  2. Basic Information We Receive through Registration and Display on your Profile & Showcase:

    1. First Name – Public
    2. Last Name – Public
    3. Email – Request to Join
    4. Date of Birth – Private
    5. Gender – Public
    6. Profile Photo – Public
    7. Location - Public
    8. School Network(s) Joined – Public
    9. Graduation Year if in School – Public
    10. Team(s) You Join – Public
    11. Verified Cell Phone Number – Private
  3. Information Received when Joining a Team or Group

    1. Name of Team or Group – Public
    2. Level of Team or Group – Public
    3. Name of School – Public
    4. Name of Club or Band Network – Public
    5. Role on Team or Group – Public
    6. Email Address – Request to Join
    7. Sports Info (Sport, Level, Positions, Number, Height, Weight, handed, ect) – Public
    8. Roster Photo – Public
    9. Verified Cell Phone Number – Private
    10. Roster Phone Number Entered in Join a Team or Group Process (different from Verified Cell Phone Number) – Restricted
  4. Who Can View User Content

    "User Content" refers to all content, including but not limited to photos, videos, articles, MVPs, links, comments, stats, video vitals, experiences and forms that are posted to Blast. Content does not include contact or personal information identified in Section 2. The type of User Content is determined by the location where it was posted.

    1. High School or College Pages – or "School Content"

      1. i. Any User Content posted on a School, Team, Game, Event, Practice or Combine Page relating to a specific high school or college is considered School Content.
      2. School Content is Public
    2. Youth, Club and Adult Teams

      1. Any User Content that is posted on a Game Team, Game, Event, Practice or Combine Page relating to a specific team is Public.
  5. Who Can Post Content

    In order to Post content, a User must have created the team or have joined and been approved and unmuted by a team administrator of an existing team. Once a user is approved to post content, their posts will show up immediately on the pages they post to. There is no limit to how much they post and each post does not require admin approval.

    1. High School or College Teams with a Verified Administrator

      1. All Users must verify their cell phone number prior to posting content.
      2. All Users must request and be approved by the Verified Administrator in order to post content.
      3. Users invited via email to join a team are automatically approved to post content.
      4. Users who join teams but do not request to post content can view all content that other users have posted.
    2. High School or College Teams – With No Verified Administrator

      1. All Users who join a team before an school official has been verified as an Administrator can post content.
      2. ii. All Users must verify their cell phone number prior to posting content.
    3. Existing Club, Youth and Adult Teams

      1. i. All Users must be approved and unmuted by a team Administrator in order to post content.
  6. Showcase Content

    1. In addition to the information collected at registration and when joining a team or group, Users are able to add information to their Recruiting Showcase. All information entered into a showcase is Public.
    2. When creating a showcase, whether it is for the User themselves or their under age children, the user must accept additional terms further identifying that all information is public.
    3. User is able to enter contact information designated for coaches and recruiters, but is listed publicly.
    4. Showcases can contain recruiting information, such as grades, awards, sport specific information, schools of interest, articles, MVPs, schedules, past games, focused highlight videos, photos.
  7. What We Do With Your Information

    1. Blast uses the email address and/or verified cell phone number to send email reminders and notifications from teams you have joined. Users can change their settings on a team by team basis.
    2. Blast uses Users information to prevent them from joining teams in inappropriate roles and guides them to their correct affiliation.
    3. c. Blast uses location to make game and event creation streamlined.
  8. Contacts Entered by Users For Fundraiser

    1. Blast does not sell, share or utilize the contacts entered by Users in any way outside of the fundraiser.
    2. Blast collects the name, relationship, email address and/or cell phone numbers of family and friends from Users to request donations.
    3. When launched, the contacts entered by the user will receive an initial contact, followed by up to four reminders, requesting donations from the athlete or member who entered their contact information.
    4. When a donation is received, Blast attempts to match the email address the donor entered with the email entered by the User requesting the donation. If Blast is able to match, the reminders will stop. If the email addresses do not match, the User requesting the donation is prompted to manually match the donor with their name on the contact list. Team Admins are also able to match donations with contacts on the individual User’s lists.
    5. Users can Stop reminders for any of the contacts they entered at any time, regardless if they have donated or not.
    6. Team admins, club network admins and school admins have access to the contact lists entered by Users.
    7. Users and connected parents can only see the contact lists entered using their accounts.
    8. Blast provides simple means for potential sponsors to Stop getting texts and to Unsubscribe from future emails. Clicking Stop or Unsubscribe will prevent them from getting any future contact from Blast.
  9. Sponsor Information

    1. A sponsor is an individual or company that donates to a program on Blast.
    2. If a sponsor selects an individual on a team or group, the sponsor’s name will appear on the profile of the user they sponsored.
    3. The largest two donations per team will appear on the fundraiser landing page.
    4. Alumni sponsors will appear on a page connected to the fundraiser displaying all alumni sponsors, with the two largest alumni sponsors appearing on the fundraiser landing page.
    5. The User receiving the donation, the User’s parents, team admins, club network admins and school admins are able to see the Sponsor’s email address as entered when donating.
    6. Sponsors can choose to be anonymous.
    7. Sponsors will receive a weekly email updates containing content the team posts throughout the season or year. If nothing is posted, Sponsors will not receive an update. Content in updates include scores, schedules, photos, videos, MVP and articles.
  10. WePay

    If you elect to use Blast, you will enter into an agreement with our payments partner, WePay, Inc., for the payments service and WePay's use of your data. Please review the WePay Privacy Policy (, which will apply to you.