Cadillac , MI — CADILLAC , MI — Cadillac High School hosts this race each year that features a variety of teams from northern, mid and southwestern Michigan. The race is held on Caberfae Peaks famous South Peak with Slalom on Liberty and Giant Slalom on Gigi's Ridge, the location of this years regionals. This is the 7th time that Caledonia has participated in the race and the girls team proven itself to be a contender the last few years among the 9 teams that typically participate in the race. Our team normally races 7 or 8 of our girls in this race, to get some experience for a few of our up and coming racers. Year. Finish 2016 5th place 2017. 3rd place 2018. 4th place 2019 2nd place 2020 2nd place 2021 2nd place